Plenary Sessions:

  • The Power of Unearned Suffering: Celebrating MLK’s Legacy after 50 Years
  • Black and White and Red All Over: Why Racial Justice Is a Gospel Issue
  • The Glory of God and Racial Unity
  • A House Divided Cannot Stand: Understanding and
  • Overcoming the Inconsistencies in White Evangelicals on Racial Issues
  • To The Ends of the Earth: The Great Commission, the Global Persecuted Church, and Racial Unity
  • The Civil Rights Movement 50 Years after MLK: An Interview with Russell Moore
  • The Church without Walls: How God Can Use the Unified Church to Serve Our Divided Communities
  • The Most Segregated Hour in America: Overcoming Divisions to Pursue MLK’s Vision of Racial Harmony

Short Talks:

  • Equipping the Next Generation to Embrace Gospel Diversity
  • Don’t Lose Heart: Why It’s Worth It to Fight for Racial Harmony Even When We Don’t See Progress
  • Should We Give Up on Multi-ethnic Ministry?
  • Christian Hip Hop and the Next Generation of Christian Racial Unity


  • Memphis 50 Years after Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Civil Rights Storytellers: Remembering the Legacy of MLK through Our Experiences
  • Dealing with the Complex Aspects of King
  • The State of Racial Tension in America: Black Lives Matter, White Supremacy, Immigration, Systemic Injustice, and Your Community
  • Evangelicals and the Future of Racial Unity